Turnaround Time 24-48 Hours!

Turnaround Time 24-48 Hours!


Q. Which trades are we dealing in?

Ans. We deal with all CSI divisions and trades of construction. We provide Civil, Structural, Drywall, Framing, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Flooring, Structural & Misc. Steel, Thermal and moisture protection, Fire suppression, Sitework and Lumber takeoffs, and detailed estimates.

Q. How do we price out the projects?

Ans.We use different Databases for pricing like RS means, National Cost estimator by Craftsmen (Zip-code based pricing-which is updated multiple times in the year) so the bid will competitive and accurate as well.

Q. Would you ever provide the same estimate to other clients?

Ans.NO and Never! As President & Owner of Ez Estimation, I ensure high standards and good business ethics. We strongly believe it’s unethical and prohibited to breach your information and disrupt long term business relationships. This is something we never engage in.

We provide consultancy to our clients about how they can be competitive, win bids but also increase their bid-hit ratio.

Q. What if you don’t have plans for the project?

Ans.That’s not a problem either. We will provide an estimate based on the details and specifications you will give us. Our estimators will assume as per their previous data and provide a preliminary estimate for the project.

Q. How much accurate we are in our estimation?

Ans.Our estimators are experts literally, they are engineers, Trade specialists, Field Superintendents, and project managers and for pricing, we use zip-code based pricing that brings into account even inflation, shortages in material, import/export tariffs and natural disaster as well.

Q. How to start with our construction estimating services?

Ans.First of all, send us plans and project details & specifications at info@ezestimation.com After that, our estimators will review and revert back with a quote and proposed turnaround time.

After acceptance of a quote by the client, we will send an invoice for payment, once the payment is made. We will start working on your project and deliver it within the proposed time.

Q. Are there any hourly rates for our services?

Ans.FUsually, we charge on a per-project basis. We can design an hourly rate that will be suitable for you once you share the details of your project with us. Our estimating services are perfect for busy contractors in that regard and saves 60% of estimation expenses as hiring an in-house estimator.

Q. How can you pay for us?

Ans.We will send you a QuickBooks invoice and PayPal invoice, the one you will feel comfortable with. Yes! We accept credit cards and you can also pay through our link that will send on your email.

Q. Do we charge separately for amendments, changes in drawings, and filing bids?

Ans.We usually do not charge for any small revisions and changes in drawings. While for a considerable addendum we normally charge insignificantly. And also our bid filing charges are separate.

Q. Do we offer any monthly packages and long-term relationships?

Ans.We believe in long term relationships and offer monthly estimation packages that would save your 60% of estimation expenses as compared to in-house estimators.

Q. Are there any binding agreements for monthly packages?

Ans.There are no binding agreements for our clients. No, binding agreements or credit card deductions on a monthly basis automatically.
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