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Electrical Estimators NYC

The electrical estimating challenges you face are now ours. Our commitment to excellence has driven every aspect of our company throughout the tenure of our services. Therefore,  every situation is unique, and our team excels at solving even the most challenging challenges for our clients. In addition to helping numerous clients change and grow their businesses, our ‘can do’ approach to electrical estimating has also nurtured them. Our specialized electrical estimating consultancy aims to deliver the highest quality electrical estimates and takeoffs to electrical contractors, designers, electricians, and vendors in the shortest amount of time.

Electrical estimating services

As an electrical estimating service provider, we are mainly focused on customer satisfaction, therefore, we tailor each estimate report to meet the specific requirements of the client. You can rest assured that your electrical estimating services will be performed professionally and to the highest standards when you outsource them to us.

You can trust our electrical estimations to be the best

No matter whether you need a full-time electrical estimator, a part-time electrical estimator, or just project-specific assistance, EZ estimation provides you with a one-stop shop for all of your electrical estimating needs. We are adaptable; feel free to discuss with us any alternative that best satisfies the objectives of your project, and we will develop a solution that is best suited to your needs.

Streamline your work schedule with us

You will find it much easier if you let EZ Estimating handle your electrical estimation needs. There are so many aspects of your business that you have to handle, which is why we’re here to help. We’ll make one less thing for you to worry about.

We provide complete electrical estimating solutions including

  • primary switchboards
  • Control panels for distribution
  • loading stations
  • centers for motor control
  • motor kickers
  • A power supply
  • lighting fixtures


How estimating work in the electrical industry?

Electrical estimating services in the electrical industry are a crucial part of the process. Finding the project’s “actual costs” is an important step. As a result, each client guarantees that their expenses are covered and that profit is made. It is our goal to increase the competitiveness of a client on bid day; this includes value engineering and the way we state the price, both of which contribute to tactical advantages. With EZ Estimation, you can be competitive without sacrificing profits. The difference is that we want you to be competitive without sacrificing profits.


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